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"god, they keep telling me to bleed scriptures to find you," AGNI Magazine

"notes on pronunciation," SWWIM Every Day

"faith," The Margins 

"xenization, or: a day in the South Asian gallery in the Art Institute of Chicago," The Sextant Review 


"Aubade: for the gargoyles at Notre Dame, the morning after," The Sextant Review 

"god, i know why the bhagavad gita is always told through the eyes of a charioteer," Tupelo Quarterly 


"my name won't fit inside this poem's gut," Tupelo Quarterly

Three PoemsSixty Inches from Center

"sounds," Black Warrior Review (online edition)

"Tongues," Silver Needle Press

Books to Scratch Your Travel Itch While You're Stuck At HomeThe Galavant Life

10 Ways to Satisfy Your Inner MulanHatchette Book Group

When the Reality of a Book Doesn't Meet ExpectationsBook Riot

The Books that Made Us Ugly SobBook Riot 

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